Slept late (8:30?) as usual. Saw Richard out and about. A little computer fiddling, helped Susan with you tube channel and logo. Post office, storage (grab wines), Papa Murphy’s pizza, grab beer (for National Championship game), shop Ace for something to help apply CD labels, unpack warrantied CPAP machine, call them about SD card, post office, pick up and mail off health insurance claim form, bit of lunch, play with dog, Cheryl via FB chat and phone about flute convention and stuff, walk and frisbee the dog. Now it’s 4:15.

Installed lightbox onto Ted’s website, both a pop-up for the star student screenshot and a sample on the photo page.

Still trying to get the mind map done (or at least flushed out some more) so I can get focused on all the deferred stuff. And there is a lot of it.

Did a little searching for a keyboard after a call from Aunt Peggy about liking her old one better.

Watched College National Championship game. Walked the dog again. Late night in front of the TV needs to change.

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