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While major sites like YouTube and Vimeo remain important, here are a few additional sites to keep in mind as you build your video distribution network:
5min (—Tutorial videos shorter than five minutes in duration.
Bing (—Microsoft’s new search engine has a video directory.
Brightcove (—A paid service that lets you target many outlets including mobile phones.
Dailymotion (—A broad interest site that also has distribution to many mobile devices.
GrindTV (—A site for extreme sports videos.
Howcast (—The site specializes in educational videos and offers applications for both the Android and
iFood.TV (—A site all about food.
Sclipo (—A paid site that offers e-learnin systems.
Streetfire (—A site for automobile enthusiasts.
StupidVideos (—A site for humorous videos.
Videojug (—The site only offers “factual” content rather than entertainment.

For more news like this, be sure to read the IAEPUB Site — You also won’t want to miss the TAP!2013 conference for Digital Content Creators.

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the importance of pursuing passions…

Which is why McCullough also talked about the importance of pursuing passions for the sake of passions, rather than seeking accolades or striking off items from an arbitrary checklist. Accolades and lists may tell us about accomplishments, but life is meant to be experienced, not just accomplished. It’s like the difference between reading books for the sake of reading and reading books just to get a good grade. Tell me, once you’re done with school, are you then supposed to be done with reading books? I sure hope not.

After the CD – A Study of the World of Music Creation and Distribution in a Post-Medium World

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Learnings from the CMNC Chamber Music Workshop today [2012-03-04]

Books to read (performance anxiety).

When performing in an entirely new setting (concerto with orchestra in hall), consider anxiety medication. With something like chamber music, the repetitions have allowed us to grow accustomed and self-manage our anxiety, but new situations can cause us unusual anxiety symptoms when we don’t expect them.

Pete’s affirmations.
1) Playing my instrument is fun and easy.
2) I practice patiently and accurately.
3) I am a solid, confident, and aggressive performer.

About tuning, he does short bursts of his pitch against the tuning note. That way he can process the difference, can make an adjustment, try again, and hear the difference.

Winds tend to go sharp together, always adjusting together.

My observation: As we get older, and despite our best efforts to the contrary, our fingers may deterorate to the point that they interfere with performing difficult passages. Our embouchures may outlive our fingers, so focusing on tonality, colors and more lyrical music may prolong our enjoyment.

Music Quotes

“Perfection belongs in the practice room, but you have to embrace your humanity on stage. It’s an adventure. If you want guarantees, don’t go on stage.” — Jeanne Baxtresser, former principal flutist, New York Philharmonic

‎”Beat the Hell out of those bells! This is church music! There can’t be any Hell in them!!!” — Monte Bairos, Director of Bands, Diablo Valley College



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