While major sites like YouTube and Vimeo remain important, here are a few additional sites to keep in mind as you build your video distribution network:
5min (—Tutorial videos shorter than five minutes in duration.
Bing (—Microsoft’s new search engine has a video directory.
Brightcove (—A paid service that lets you target many outlets including mobile phones.
Dailymotion (—A broad interest site that also has distribution to many mobile devices.
GrindTV (—A site for extreme sports videos.
Howcast (—The site specializes in educational videos and offers applications for both the Android and
iFood.TV (—A site all about food.
Sclipo (—A paid site that offers e-learnin systems.
Streetfire (—A site for automobile enthusiasts.
StupidVideos (—A site for humorous videos.
Videojug (—The site only offers “factual” content rather than entertainment.

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