Learnings from the CMNC Chamber Music Workshop today [2012-03-04]

Books to read (performance anxiety).

When performing in an entirely new setting (concerto with orchestra in hall), consider anxiety medication. With something like chamber music, the repetitions have allowed us to grow accustomed and self-manage our anxiety, but new situations can cause us unusual anxiety symptoms when we don’t expect them.

Pete’s affirmations.
1) Playing my instrument is fun and easy.
2) I practice patiently and accurately.
3) I am a solid, confident, and aggressive performer.

About tuning, he does short bursts of his pitch against the tuning note. That way he can process the difference, can make an adjustment, try again, and hear the difference.

Winds tend to go sharp together, always adjusting together.

My observation: As we get older, and despite our best efforts to the contrary, our fingers may deterorate to the point that they interfere with performing difficult passages. Our embouchures may outlive our fingers, so focusing on tonality, colors and more lyrical music may prolong our enjoyment.