Trinity Alps – Canyon Creek Trail – Planning Notes – 6/20-23/2013

Photo by Alan Grinberg. Re-posted with permission. See for more of his photos.
See also this link to Alan’s Flikr account for more Trinity Alps photos.
Link to Ernie Bonacum’s photos of Trinity Alps Wilderness – 2003


Planning Notes for the June 20-23, 2013 Backpacking Trip

Link to this page
Trinity Alps Trail Condition Report – 20130514

Excerpt: “Canyon Creek Trail #10W08 – The trail is free of snow to each set of lakes. The creek crossing up to Canyon Creek Lakes (at the bottom of Lower Canyon Creek Lake’s granite approach slope) has been reported by hikers as ‘passable’. All the campsites are now melted off at LCCL and UCCL. The force of the water flow out of Upper Canyon Creek Lake is not currently known. Be very cautious if you plan to cross this outflow on your way to ‘L’ Lake. You definitely don’t want to get washed away at this outflow…

Trinity Alps Trail Condition Report – 20130605

Excerpt: Remember, the current Forest Order for Canyon Creek specifies that there are
(absolutely no exceptions) for anyone caught in violation of this Forest Order.

USDA Forest Service Page for Trinity Alps Wilderness (1)

USDA Forest Service Page for Trinity Alps Wilderness (2)

Frequently Asked Questions (bears, mountain lions, etc.)

US Forest Services Ranger Station
210 Main
Weaverville, CA
(530) 623-2121 ‎ ·
gps: 40.735966,-122.946818

Wilderness permits and campfire permits are required before entering the wilderness. Campfire permits are needed for the operation of a backpacking stove or camp stove.

Trail Descriptions

Click here to view or download Excerpt One

Click here to view or download Excerpt Two

Driving arrangements (TBD)

2.5 hours from Williams to Weaverville according to google maps.

3.8 hours from Pleasant Hill BART to Weaverville according to google maps.

Thursday, June 20
Dinner – 6:30 pm – meet at restaurant (TBD) in Redding (restaurant suggestions welcome)

Suggestion from Owen Lee: Black Bear Diner

Suggestion from Tim Nisson, Susan’s cousin and a lawyer in Redding:  There is a great steakhouse in downtown Redding called Jack’s on California Street.  They don’t take checks and the wait time can be up to an hour, but its really good.  There is another one called Market Street Steakhouse which is also good and does take reservations. Have fun.

I made a reservation for five at 6:30 pm here:

Thursday, June 20
Car camp at Trailhead

Friday, June 21
Leave trailhead early, camp at Lower Canyon Creek Lake

Saturday, June 22
Free day – Upper Canyon Creek Lake, L Lake

Sunday, June 23 
Hike out, drive home

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