Seems easier to think about what went down yesterday rather than keep track all throughout a particular day. Spent some time shopping and making appetizers for Mark’s party. Dog went with me to Encina, we tossed the Frisbee around Foothill Middle School again and I had a little Taco Bell. In the morning I fiddled with researching and bidding on digital cameras for my upcoming class. Also prepared an insurance claim form and started to “mind map” my current state of affairs.

Today I got up late after the scotch night, showered and went off to quintet practice. Amy poked around for a flute/oboe/guitar piece that we may try with her husband next week. I checked with Paul on horn and he would be interested in playing some quintets with Peter on clarinet. Now to recruit an oboist and bassoonist.

Stopped off on the way home and bought a sandwich at the Italian deli, Genoa. Loaded Tap up into the truck, drove up to Castle Rock Park, ate lunch and took a nice long walk/hike with the dog. Came back, unloaded, fiddled a bit with the computer, and here it is, almost 5:00 pm.

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